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Secure Web-Access
24 hour Access to Patient records

Hospice staff can log-in into HospiceMD to access and update patient records anytime, anywhere for improved delivery of health care services to its patients and families. Access to HospiceMD is secure and requires unique log-in and password that is authenticated .

Data Migration

We understand the challenge in migrating patient demographics from your current system to a new solution. To help our customers in migrating voluminous patient data we assist in transferring certain data economically and in a timely manner. Patient data migration facilitates a smooth migration to HospiceMD .

We Provide


Our support team works closely with your clinical and administrative staff to achieve a smooth migration from paper to electronic records. During the implementation phase we meet with your designated staff to establish a plan of migration addressing customization, establish target dates, schedule discipline based training, set up insurance verification and billing process and other planned steps for migration.


We offer training, both, on-site and remotely. It is recommended that the initial or as needed part of the training be on-site. Our staff works closely with all disciplines of the IDG/IDT team members - clinical, psychosocial, spiritual and others to assist in understanding and best use of HospiceMD features. Administrative and human resource staff is also trained for timely personnel management and assessing operational performance.


Technical staff and account management personnel are available to support your hospice staff members during business hours. Phone support is available after hours to assist with any user issues your hospice staff may encounter.

Billing/ Remittance Advice

We offer seamless billing submission and collection reporting. Our customers report faster collection with HospiceMD. However, we do offer features to work effectively with your current biller.

Maintainence & Updates

HospiceMD conducts on-going updates to the software to comply with changes in regulation. This service is offered to its customers at no additional cost.

Records Back-up

HospiceMD backs up patient records daily and on a 10 day rolling period through its geographically dispersed storage devices to minimize loss of data as a result of an unexpected disaster.