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With improving technologies and budget constraints, hospice providers have to find ways to operate cost-effectively. If you are a billing company, protect your customer base with HospiceMD. Our turnkey solution will enable you to keep your customer, protect your revenue and add features to the service you are already offering to your hospice providers. We will integrate user-friendly access into HospiceMD for you to do real-time billing submission. You will maintain and grow your base with HospiceMD, by having an advantage over your competition.
Billing Companies Are at Risk!
  • Erosion of customer-base
  • Selling the same basic billing service
  • Software companies bundling low cost billing
  • Difficulty in competing without technology
  • Providers looking for lower cost options


Benefits in Partnering with HospiceMD
  • Protect your Customer base.
  • Offer faster submission for your clients.
  • Reduce your over-head / On-line Billing Summary.
  • Spread your workload over the month.
  • Offer faster collection of revenue for your clients.
  • Improve cash-flow for Hospice and your business.
  • Grow your customer base with added features.
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