About Us

Our Mission

“Enable compliance and survey-readiness for Hospice Providers through simple implementation of an intelligent and seamless process of patient-care charting, monitoring, auditing, reporting and management for timely delivery of hospice services”

Our Philosophy

Through a Synergy of Compliance, Technology, Efficiency and Cost, offer a Solution for Effective and Timely Delivery of Patient Care.

In late 2006, TCI, Inc. a California based technology company put together a team of experienced hospice clinical and administrative professional and highly experienced technology experts from Electronic Health Records (EHR) industry to design and develop a solution to facilitate charting of the process of care. Fundamental to the design of the software architecture was the requirement to be complaint, intelligent/interactive, user-friendly, globally accessible, redundant, and secure. Years of leading-edge development with on-going enhancement has resulted in ‘HospiceMD’ – the most-advanced and intelligent solution for hospice providers.

Health & Technology Intelligence

With on-going changes in health care regulations, compliance is fundamental for longevity and profitability of every hospice providers. The challenge is to keep up with regulation that demands strict adherence to time-sensitive charting and reporting. We have taken every measure to incorporate CMS, JACHO, CHAP and other regulatory agency guidelines in the design. For example; LCD eligibility, time-sensitive completion of admissions and care process alerts are built into our design to assist hospices in being compliant. On-going software updates to comply with regulatory changes are automatically offered to our users.

Seamless Architecture

The HospiceMD solution seamlessly documents daily activities of clinical and administrative staff and presents precise reports for management. From admission intake, assessment, CTI, POC, IDG all the way to the end of bereavement care the software guides to the next step. While compliance is fundamental, the design offers very user-friendly access. Real-time QAPI , performance, financial and other management reports are offered.


Fundamental to our design is the HIPAA/HiTech security controls to prevent the risk of compromising health records.

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